Reaching Australia and New Zealand

Amazing Discovers has been airing on satellite in Australia and New Zealand since 2012! 

As of February 28, 2023, the Optus D2 satellite service will no longer be available.

Starting Australia Day, January 26, 2023, we will be migrating to a new satellite & frequency -- the Optus D3 satellite through the VAST network. 

ADtv is on channels: 111 and 611

Stay connected with ADTV and the community of Christian broadcasters with Instal-Life. A technician will re-align your dish and update your box.

As our preferred VAST installers, we have total confidence in recommending Instal-Life for your home.

100% of the Instal-Life profits fund missions work, taking the Gospel to unreached and difficult-to-reach people groups.

Visit: today to find out how to book a technician and keep watching ADtv! 

For those living in New Zealand, ADtv will be available through an IPTV Box that Instal-life can provide. 

Contact Instal-life at 0800 LIFE TV or  0800 54 33 88 (Freecall) for more information. 


In the interim, we can also be found on the IS-19 satellite "Free to Air".  Please note that IS-19 is not our permanent location and as of July 2023, the service on IS-19 will no longer be available.

Please make plans to move to Optus D3 through VAST at your earliest possibility. 

Below are the downlink parameters for IS-19:
- Satellite: IS-19
- Transponder: 24k
- Reception Frequency: 12726 MHz
- Reception Polarization: Horizontal
- Symbol Rate 28.1
- FEC: 3/4
- Decoder Type: DVB-S, QPSK