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Today's episode of The John-Henry Westen Show is my third and final discussion with Ron Tesoriero about his work in bringing contemporary miracles to light.

Thu, Mar 09, 2023

(LifeSiteNews) — Ron Tesoriero, the Australian lawyer and documentary filmmaker I’ve had on each episode of The John-Henry Westen Show so far this week, came back for a third and final time to discuss how the Eucharistic miracles he’s investigated may disprove Charles Darwin’s evolutionary theory.

On yesterday’s show (click here to watch if you missed it), Tesoriero explained the proof of Christ’s Real Presence in the Eucharist, as indicated by a Eucharistic miracle in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1996. On today’s show, he described the “ramifications” this miracle has for science, not just spirituality.

Comparing the Eucharistic miracle to the sheer complexity of a single living cell, as well as the scientific claim that the first cell somehow “self-assembled” billions of years ago, Tesoriero argued that the transformation of the Host in Buenos Aires cannot be anything but an act of God.

“The Communion host was bread inanimate. It’s transformed into something which is life. And it occurs in the context of God, in a Catholic church,” he said. “When you’re winding all of these facts up, you have to come to the conclusion that when something doesn’t exist, and then it exists spontaneously and it’s life, that’s an act of creation.”

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Furthermore, Tesoriero explained, evolutionists cannot account for the fact that the Host transformed into the tissues of a fully developed human heart, because evolutionary theory posits that the development of the human heart was a process which took place over millions of years.

“Darwin himself laid out a test for his own theory in his book The Origin of Species. And he said if it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed that could not possibly have been formed by numerous successive slight modifications, [his] theory would absolutely break down,” he said. “In the Buenos Aires case, there was no ancestry. It was bread, and then it turned into a human heart. On Darwin’s own test, his theory has to fall down.”

Before wrapping up, the Australian documentary filmmaker explained why Pope Francis will be a crucial piece in his effort to conduct DNA testing on the Shroud of Turin, which he would then compare to the DNA from the Buenos Aires Eucharistic Host. Francis was serving as Archbishop of Buenos Aires when Tesoriero visited in 1999 to shoot footage and talk with experts about the Eucharistic miracle.

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“We have got interesting markers for comparison with what we believe to be the blood on the Shroud of Turin. If God is allowing … us to find human heart, human tissue, living, it must come from someone,” said Tesoriero. “[If] we’ve been given, through science, the ability to go so far with forensics and genetics, the last point in this path of investigation is to have a look at blood on the Shroud of Turin, which we firmly believe is the burial cloth of Christ, and on which there was blood from His Crucifixion.”

“I do see a plan of God in this.”

Click here to visit Tesoriero’s official website to learn more about his discoveries of this and other purported miracles. If you missed either of the previous episodes with Tesoriero, click here to watch them on The John-Henry Westen Show video page.

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